From Corporate Events like Conferences, Annual Award Ceremonies, Meetings, Product Launches to Personal Events like Weddings, Anniversaries, and other parties, NanzVision has emerged as a go-to event management solution for enterprises and individuals alike.

Social events have become part of our life. Our Event Managers with fresh and innovative perspective take full responsibility and ownership of your projects as their own and tirelessly create an experience so unique, you will cherish it forever. We offer diverse range of services including complete catering, planning, organizing, and artist booking options for your personal and corporate events requirements.

Brand and Product Launches

No matter how unique your brand or product is- if it doesn’t get the right attention, you’ll not be able to make the most of it! Our strategic team is skilled in launching your products and brands in a uniquely tailored event and making sure it secures the impact it deserves. For us at NanzVision, a Product is not launched on the day of the event, rather it starts by creating a buzz and advertising strategies well in advance so that it’s seated and branded well ahead of its launch in mind of the audience. We sometimes even need supplemental materials like videos, posters and more to push your story to the top.

We love chatting with our clients and working in a coordinated manner with you in aligning our strategies with your goals and nailing your product launch in a spectacular, unforgettable and social media worthy environment; after-all it’s only once that a product is launched!

Concerts and Shows

Organizing a live concert, show or gigs demands technical expertise, strategic planning, manpower and collaboration with venture chains to work out venue, timing, materials, staging, sound, lighting and more. We at NanzVision can cover all of it and pull together an event with your favorite singer, actor/actress or comic in a quick, smooth and memorable manner. 

With our hard work and expertise in organizing thoughtful and stage stealing shows, we aim at giving best fan experiences and memories to audiences that they’ll cherish forever.

Movie Promotions and Celebrity Tours

With creative ideas, experience, right marketing and branding tools, Team NanzVision creates and implements well organized advertising and movie promotion campaign across various media platforms like magazines, newspapers, social media and other online and offline platforms. We cater to end to end promotional activities with audience research, celebrity promotional tours and interviews, merchandising, blogs, articles, press releases, forum discussions and more. 

We put together promotional tours for actors and concert tours for singers and other celebrities and emerging talents across the globe to connect them closely with their audience and expand their reach.

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